Driving Predictable, Remarkable, Unstoppable Business Growth

Helping B2B business owners to build a remarkable seven figure business. I believe that anyone can unlock predictable business growth by using the exact same proven strategies, processes and systems that I have used to help multiple clients achieve this and more. Let me show you how.

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What's stopping you getting to seven figures?

The majority of business owners I meet on a daily basis would love to grow a seven figure business, that gives them a nice six figure profit, with a team of 6 - 12 people that run the business for them, freeing up their time to focus on the high-value works and allow them to take quality time off to enjoy life. But the sad fact is that 70% of businesses never reach that level.

Over the past 31yrs I have set up and built eight businesses, two of which hit £1m turnover and beyond. I have also worked with hundreds of clients and had some amazing journeys including one client I worked with through to a £28m exit and another who I supported to an £8m acquisition.

I have developed a step by step formula for modern business growth that focuses on proven strategy, process and systems, to get you from wherever you are now to seven figures and beyond.

Ignite Growth Consultancy - Growth Strategy


Ensure that your strategy is driving your tactics. Plan out an unstoppable business growth strategy, identify key revenue growth goals, align everyone in your business around these goals, understand who your best customer is and how to stay front of mind and attract them to your business.


Ignite Growth Consultancy - Process


At the heart of your business growth is your ability to attract the right people and convert them into leads, customers and revenue for your business, at scale. You need multiple lead generation and customer acquisition campaigns to ensure that your pipeline is constantly full.

Ignite Growth Consultancy - Systems


Execute your strategy, measure the results and optimise for improved outcomes. A key element of modern business growth is your ability to be able to measure and report on everything. So you know what is working and what needs improving. You must systemise to optimise every part of your business.



Watch this video in which Richard runs through the planning, execution and optimisation of a modern business growth strategy including how to attract highly targeted traffic, create effective lead generation, conversion optimisation, customer acquisition and client engagement to drive your business to seven figures and beyond.

Your Growth Resources

Make sure you check out our guides, videos, checklists and webinars to help you grow your business. We constantly add new resources so bookmark the page.


A selection of videos to help you get started planning your strategy, growing leads and revenue.


Our ignite growth reports, guides and checklists for you to download and kick-start your growth.


Our video training courses, to help you understand and execute key elements of your business growth.

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What people say about us

Tony Smith

"A master of their craft to the degree that you don’t know where craft becomes science and vice versa"

If you need help with lead generation & business growth, systemising your business development and generating solid returns then talk to Richard and his team. His solution is simple, straightforward and focussed.

Tony Smith

Steve Webb

"We learnt a great deal and implimented many new practices, with each one proving a real winner"

Richard is so full of sales and marketing knowledge , but there is a difference between knowing stuff and being able to put it into practice, and that's where Richard really stands above the crowd.

Steve Webb

James Sewell

"Richard is an expert in developing growth strategies for businnesses, by utilising digital channels"

Richard understands how digital media channels can be used commercially and practically to add value to any business. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

James Sewell

Trusted by the people you trust

Below are just a few of the brands we have worked with, helped grow or run workshops for to help their clients grow. 

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I am happy to share a call with you to discuss your growth goals, where you want your revenue to be in 12 months and how you can take your business to seven figures and beyond.

Ignite your business growth by planning out, executing, measuring and optimising a predictable seven figure growth strategy.

So get started with a Free 1 hour growth strategy call with me.

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